The video begins with their arrival at Little America in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

They were on their way through Wyoming, heading toward Texas.

On their way through, they spotted a "sheep camp."

It was the real deal. Someone actually working out there in the grasslands in the middle of winter and doing it old school, - because - why the hell not?

That's just the first video, there are more.

You can actually do this as a camping experience in Wyoming, without having to own your own sheep wagon.

These things have a nice woodstove inside so there should be no problem keeping warm on the coldest nights.

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There are several camping areas that offer small cabins and wagons if you want to try them.

Below is a Fully Restored 1920s Sheep Wagon, Shirley Basin, Wyoming.

Don't worry these places also offer indoor toilets and showers.

The prices are not bad for one of these rentals. They average about $75 a night.

Here is a listing I found online:

A Cowboy breakfast is included in your stay. We are very quiet certified organic farm located 1/2 way between Powell Wyoming and Cody Wyoming just under the shadow of the Great Heart Mountain and about an hour from two Yellowstone Park Entrances (ie. East and Northeast Gates). Within 20 miles of wilderness and lots of outdoor activities. The campsite is part of a 450-acre Certified Organic Farm and Wild Nature in all directions. Creek runs through the property.

This sheepherders wagon was constructed in the late 1800's. It was pulled by two horses or mules with the sheep herder setting inside the wagon with the reins through the split entry door.  A lot of the ideas of the modern RV were first developed and tried in this home away from home.  One person and two dogs, two horses was all that was needed to care for a 1,000 to 1,500 head of sheep.  Life was simpler then.

But you might want to check the Wyoming wind before you book your winter camping adventure.

Or you can just wait until summer.

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