Wyoming has some of the most diverse landscapes in the nation, and some of the most unusual.

A good part of the state is technically considered "high plains desert."

But even that can vary from grasslands to rocks and sagebrush.

Some parts of Wyoming are so dry there are even sand dunes.

One of the more famous sand dune areas in Wyoming is The Killpecker Dunes in the Red Desert. 

These sand dunes were created as The Big and Little Sandy Rivers moved with thousands of years of climate change that is constantly reshaping the Earth.

This area used to be tropical and swampy.

Wind erosion has created thousands of acres of soft sand, piled high to create a sandy playground like no other, now known as the Killpecker Sand Dunes.

Located north of Rock Springs, Wyoming, the Killpecker Sand Dunes offer beautiful, soft dunes to explore, as well as the remains of a tumultuous geologic past in the form of buttes and spires like the 400-foot-tall Boar’s Tusk, North Table Mountain, South Table Mountain, Black Rock, Spring Butte and the Leucite Hills. (Explore Wy).

Then there are the Little Sand Dunes of Sweetwater County. 

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Not much is said about this area because it is hard to get to. Much of it is on private land. Though there are ways to explore if you care to look online.

Visiting the Seminoe Sand Dunes will allow you to camp by the Seminoe Reservoir. It's a beautiful area, with fishing and mountains right in a desert.

You'll also find Seminoe to be some of the best stargazing in the entire state. I once laid back on a picnic table in the middle of the night and watched a meteor shower.

These sandy areas are not just worth exploring for people with big tires. The hiking and wildlife exploration is well worth it.

Come to think of it, I recorded a video a few years back about my experiences camping at Seminoe.

For those who like boating, rather than the sand dunes, you'll want to explore Seminoe.

These sand dues actually sing a haunting song. Follow this link and hear it for yourself.

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