Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon's attempt to move the statues of civil rights pioneer Esther Hobart Morris and legendary Shoshone Chief Washakie back in front of the State Capitol failed yesterday when a legislative committee voted to keep the statues inside the extension corridor which connects the Capitol to the Hershler Building.

"There’s a tradition of taking a picture of Esther Hobart with the Capitol in the background,” Gordon told the Wyoming Tribune Eagle. “I think it would be nice to be able to continue that tradition.”

The committee disagreed with Gordon by a vote of 5-2, noting that moving the statues indoors restored the Capitol's original unobstructed view. They also cited repairs needed for both statues. The Morris statue was damaged by a car accident in 1973 and has had a foot-long crack for nearly 50 years.

“We can honor both the Chief and Esther inside the building, no different than statuary hall in Washington, and we can preserve the quality of the monuments," Representative Bob Nicholas.

Now it's your turn to sound off. Should lawmakers move the statues back outside or keep them indoors? Tell us what you think.

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