It's no secret that Wyoming can be a dangerous place.

Rattlesnakes, Mountain Lions, Bears, and dangerous weather conditions all year long (tornados, lightning storms, blizzards, and temperatures well below zero) ensure that only the strong survive out here.

And that doesn't just impact people, it can be dangerous for pets out here too.

But, how protective do you need to be of your precious four-legged friends?

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Out where we live on the prairie we've had our dog bit by a rattlesnake and we've lost a few cats to Coyotes.

Our dogs are larger breeds (a blue heeler and a german shepherd) so we never really worried too much about coyotes attacking them, but apparently, this IS an issue for some pet owners.

Thankfully there is an invention called a "Coyote Vest" available for overprotective anxious pet owners.

Before we talk about what a "Coyote Vest" is, why don't you watch this video that shows you way more clearly than I can...

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Little spikes, kevlar, and large skinny spikes...and for those nighttime walks a blinking light and reflective stripes.


I agree that these dogs would definitely be protected from not only Coyotes but birds of prey and small children...

But is it really necessary?

According to their doggy mama it is. In this video, she explains how dangerous Coyotes can be to domestic dogs.  

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I did a little research of my own and according to an article on a study of the Chicago metro area stated that 14 dogs a year are killed by Coyotes. Which is obviously only one city but can give you a bit of perspective that this is a real issue.

All the research I found DID say that smaller dogs are more at risk than larger breeds.

This article on showed Coyote attacks on humans (because apparently, we need to worry about this too) were on the rise with the attacks on humans in California showing up as 3 times more common than any other state.

This information would lead me to think that maybe your dog would have that much higher risk too if you live in California.

But the question is, do you think your Wyoming dog needs one of these?

Since I have large breed dogs my answer is still no, but what about you?

If your answer is yes, you can follow this link to buy a Coyote Vest for your dog, and YES I want you to send pictures!


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