I know a reporter from NYC who brings a recording that includes city traffic, car alarms and police sirens when he travels. He grew up with those noises and he can't sleep without them.

For those who own some current AI devices in your home, you can ask it to play noises that might comfort you - and even block out the neighbors dogs when they bark all night. Listen to the ocean, creeks trickling, birds, or any other sounds that might help you drift off to sleep.

This winter, the wind has been howling outside my bedroom window for months. It has been loud and relentless. I've become used to it.

Last night, for some strange reason, it stopped. I mean, dead calm, nothing.

Made me think the world was about to come to an end - you know, the calm before the storm.

I got up and looked out the window several times. IS THAT THE DEATH STAR? No, no, just the moon. Then why so quiet? What's wrong?

Then I found something to help. On YouTube someone has recorded 12 hours of relentless wind howling through a mountain pass. I have no idea what inspired this recording but is has 233,278 hits. That must mean that I will not be the only one to use this recording on those rare nights when the Wyoming wind actually stops for a few, creepy, hours.

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