Yet another problem has been found with electric vehicles.

Previously we've talked about electric vehicles creating a lot of toxic waste, and more toxic waste in disposing of the batteries. Rare earth minerals make it NOT sustainable. EVs are actually NOT zero emissions because emissions have to be created to charge them. Also, even with the tax breaks and subsidies, they are priced out of range to the general public.

Electric vehicles do not measure up to the hype.

Now for the new problem that has been found.

One couple is now skeptical and wants to trade the EV in for a gas-powered vehicle after they tried to take one on a cross-country trip, pulling a trailer.

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They decided to try out their new Rivian R1T — an all-electric pickup truck starting at a whopping $79,500, after tax breaks and subsidies, and drive cross-country from Detroit to Los Angeles and back.

According to Car and Driver specs, the R1T has 314 miles of range — not bad, right? First off the vehicle did not live up to that promise. Then they decided to tow something.

The couple pulled their Ford Mustang Shelby GT on a flat-deck car-hauler trailer. The total weight — including the Rivian, the couple, their luggage, and the loaded trailer — came out to 14,260 lbs. The approximate weight of the loaded trailer was a bit over 6,000 lbs — a standard load to tow. (WSJ).

SDI Productions
SDI Productions

Suddenly, they had a massive drain on the battery.

They were only getting 100 miles, or less, to a charge.

That also means a lot of time stopping and charging. The trip took a lot longer then they wanted it to.

They did not save any money by charging over filling with gas.

When they went back, later, to add up how much all of that charging costs them it turned out that they spent about as much as it would have cost if they had driven a gas-powered car, even at today's high gas prices. Even without the trailer, EVs do not save money on travel.

The cost of operation is about the same as today's gas prices. But if gas prices go back down the cost of driving an EV will go back to being more and driving gas.

That's one story, let's look at another, in the video below.

These guys are from Colorado. They decided to test an EV against a gas-powered truck of the same size. Both will be pulling identical campers.

They got the same result as the couple in our first story.

The eclectic vehicle did not perform well as soon as it had to pull something. It only made it down the road 100 miles before it needed to be recharged. The gas-powered truck made it much - much farther than that.

They also found that the cost to recharge and refuel with gas, during this test, was almost the same. Should gas prices come down it will once again be more expensive to charge an EV than fuel a gas vehicle.

Maybe someday electric vehicles will outshine the old internal combustion engine. But right now they do not live up to any of the promises made.

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