A new study shows that the state of Wyoming has done more to protect freedom and prosperity, in America and abroad, than most other states.

Wyoming has also done more to provide affordable, clean, reliable energy, than most other states and nations across the globe.

Providing affordable, clean, and reliable energy has saved countless lives and improved the standard of living, and lifespan, for humans everywhere.

Wyoming has done this by being the Energy Capital of America.

Providing coal, gas, and oil, plus producing electricity for the nation has made all of this possible.

To provide evidence for what I am talking about please watch the video, below.

Currently, the benefits of what Wyoming has been doing for humanity are under assault.

Wyoming, like many other states, is being pushed into switching to energy that is not green, clean, affordable, sustainable, or reliable.

Wyoming is being told it must shut down its organic fuel industry and replace it with wind and solar.

The fact is that proper use of organic energy, like coal, gas, and oil, is good for the planet, and humanity in many ways, including the greening of the planet by producing and pumping more CO2 into the atmosphere.

Confused by that? Please watch the video below. Hosted by the founder of Greenpeace.

Recent scientific studies have shown us that the planet is actually getting greener as more CO2 fills the atmosphere. (Read here to learn more).

Those same studies show us that most of that CO2 is actually not coming from human activity, but from nature itself.

Recently Justin Martino, managing editor for home services at ConsumerAffairs, said shifting from fossil fuels to renewables is more important than ever for every state.

He claimed that:

“The world is on fire,” said Martino, pointing to the recent Canadian wildfire smoke choking the East Coast as another example of the consequences of climate change. “We have to do something or there's not going to be anything left for our future generations. If you can switch your coal-fired power generation to something that is more environmentally friendly, then you have made some very, very major steps there.”

Yet the recent Canadian wildfires are nothing new.

In fact, wildfires have become less frequent and less intense in recent years. (You can read more about that at this link).

If anything the above videos and studies show that Wyoming needs to get back to its roots by providing more organic fuels, not less.

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