Governor Gordon recently announced that he is open to hearing ideas from a wide-array of individuals when it comes to funding future projects in Wyoming.

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A release from the Governor's office on Friday stated that, earlier this year, after Wyoming received the first installment of funds from the American Rescue Plan, Gordon asked a strike team to develop ideas that would "help Wyoming drive towards a future where its citizens will thrive."

Now, the Governor's office said they are considering $3 billion worth of proposals.

While many of those proposals don't actually qualify for the American Rescue Plan, they could qualify for one-time funds or they could be funded through the Infrastructure funding package that President Biden recently passed.

The release stated that the Governor released his strategy for Wyoming's future in June, which started with 11 goals and now has 10. In that time, Gordon has made multiple public presentations and has taken input from elected officials from across Wyoming, as well as members of his own cabinet.

“In some cases these proposals benefit from years of public input to develop strategic plans and emerging ideas. Others have come from more recent experience,” Governor Gordon said. “I appreciate the many bold and forward-looking proposals that have emerged. Nevertheless, I know we can only fund a portion of them. So a lot of work has to be done to refine this list of ideas. Wyoming must continue to support our core industries, support our social needs, and enhance economic opportunity into the future.”

He continued, stating that “We will continue to provide the opportunity for feedback in this endeavor right up until the legislative session in February."

The Governor's website includes pertinent information on each of the projects, as well as a page that offers the general public an opportunity to provide input. Governor Gordon said that he wil' present his proposal for how to spend the American Rescue plan funds that Wyoming received in December. Following that, the Legislature will decide how to distribute the funds.

It's noted that the dollars from the American Rescue Plan must be spent by the end of 2026.

Of of the proposed ideas to fund include:

  • Investing in housing, spurring more supply for workforce, working families, veterans and the homeless.
  • Carbon capture and storage facilities to support the drive towards commercialization.
  • Small business support programs.
  • Expansion of broadband connectivity.
  • Funding the Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust to improve habitat
  • A grant program for new outdoor recreation facilities and trails.
  • A grant program for health care and human service facilities.
  • Workforce development grants for students to get new skills and jobs while meeting industry needs.
  • Telehealth investments.
  • Suicide prevention funding.
  • Support for emergency medical services.
  • Water infrastructure improvements.
  • Two new state parks.
  • Wildlife and highway crossings.

To view all of the proposals, visit this website.

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