In the video below you can watch Andy Griffith as a young man performing on live television.

Before Andy Griffith had a television show, he was a stand-up comedian.

His style was more of a comedic actor than just a man standing there telling jokes. He would create a character and explain a situation through the eyes of a man who had never seen such a situation before.

This is Andy's story of a young Hillbilly at his first football game. He has NO IDEA what to make of it.

He and his fellow Appalachian Hillbillies come down to the flatlands to set up a tent for a revival. They were hoping to bring some people to The Lord.

But he makes a wrong turn and ends up at a football game.

attachment-Andy Griffith YouTube Screen Grab 3

This routine was written back before the NFL was a thing but the game of football was gaining popularity in the United States.

The country bumkin can't figure out why these men down on that field are fighting over a pumpkin. It must be a bad pumpkin too because they kicked it and throwed it for a couple of hours and it never busted open.

Also, why are these men taking orders from a bunch of convicts running 'round in their striped prison shirts?

attachment-Andy Griffith YouTube Screen Grab 2

While there is a video where you can see a young Andy Griffith perform this story I rather prefer this one where an artist drew out the story Andy was telling.

By the end of the story, he begins to figure out that this is some kind of contest. He gets about half of the details right about what they are competing over.

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