Yesterday I posted a story about the large numbers of T. rex that roamed what we now call Wyoming.

Journal Science is about to publish an article stating that about 20,000 adult T. rexes probably lived at any one time. That is a ballpark number based on estimates and current data.

If those numbers are in the ballpark then some 2.5 billion T-rexes lived and died over the approximately 2 1/2 million years dinosaurs walked the earth.(Berkeley News).

Now, thanks to Wendy Corr, Cowboy State Daily we know that they were not loaners. They hunted in packs.

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In most movies, like the Jurassic Park series, we see the T-Rex as a loner, while smaller dinosaurs worked in groups. But now paleontologist believe that the big guy actually was more of a social animal.

“The big meat eaters – and tyrannosaurs in particular – seem to have shown evidence of what we call ‘gregarious’ behavior,” said Andrew Rossi, who worked for almost eight years at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center in Thermopolis. (Cowboy State Daily). “The very first T-Rex bones were found in Wyoming,” he explains. “They weren’t identified at first as T-Rex, but they were found around Newcastle close to a century ago.”

When we look around our modern world we see large creatures mostly acting as loners while smaller ones work in groups. But The more we dig the more we know. The evidence is stacking up that these big guys worked together.

So imagine being chased by, not one, but several at the same time. Though when we look at the size of a human compared to the big T we might be nothing more than an appetizer.

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