Laramie Main Street Looking for BrewFest Board Members!
Recently, Laramie Main Street, which hosts BrewFest, announced that they were looking for several board members to join their team. Main Street's non-profit Board of Directors identifies and mobilizes resources, builds volunteer support, develops new leadership, and maintains a clear focus on the district's needs and opportunities...
What is the Most Popular Beer in Wyoming?
If you ask any beer drinker throughout southeast Wyoming what their favorite beer is, you might get a ton of different answers. You may get an answer that is specific to a brewery either in Cheyenne or Laramie, or you may get someone answering that with a typical domestic beer. You might even get some who answer with an imported beer. A recent report claims that they know what the most popular beer is in Wyoming...
LOOK: Wyoming Approved to Sell New Beer That’s Illegal in 15 States
Samuel Adams is releasing a new beer in October that has an alcohol content that's been deemed illegal to sell in 15 states and thanks to to the lack of regulation on the amount of alcohol in beer to be sold in Wyoming, beer drinkers in our state will have access to the new expensive brew.

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