Jackson has a well-earned reputation for having the most expensive real estate in Wyoming. Out of curiosity, I did some research to see what's the least expensive home available right now. It turns out that it's a US Forest Service cabin.

I dare you to do a search for yourself on Zillow for the least expensive home in Jackson. It's actually fun and resulted in this neat find for me today. It's a U.S. Forest Service cabin located at 2 Jack Pine Road in Jackson.

Here are a handful of pics to give you an idea of what Jackson affordability looks like.

US Forest Service Cabin

Here are a few more details about how this log cabin is listed on Zillow.

A rarely listed U.S. Forest Service Cabin! This two bedroom, one bath U.S. Forest Land Lease cabin in the Jack Pine Summer Cabin area offers immediate hiking access to the Gros Ventre Wilderness.

I have to confess I was a little shocked to see the asking price is "only" $325,000. I'll say that again. ONLY $325,000.

I think I know why this property is so "affordable". There's one other little detail that you need to know if this beautiful log cabin trips your trigger that kinda explains it.

Note: only the cabin and improvements are for sale; this is a USFS land lease.

I would absolutely love a property like this. While I originally did this search for fun to see what Jackson considers affordable, this log cabin is a real looker and won't cost you a Kardashian-like fortune. Check out the full listing if you're interested or just want to see more pics.

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