Wyoming has its fair share of UFO sightings. It would make sense, since folks can see so much of the sky out here. This is also an area where military aircraft practice and optical illusions are common. But, now and then, there is the unexplained.

There is a list of sightings from Wyoming that you can see from The National UFO Reporting site. The list is long and goes all the way back to the early 1950's. Many of the sightings are easily explained, but some are not.

Below are a few of the more notable events, past and present:

The National UFO Reporting Center lists 13 sightings in Wyoming in 2018 alone. They include the following:

Most of what folks are reporting can be explained. Many of the sightings are near Cheyenne at a time when the air force base located there was active due to the Soviet threat. Many of the sightings are natural, like trains in the distance and stars.

For those sightings that can't be explained, I'll leave it up to you to decide if that means it was aliens or just something unknown.

If you are wondering how to meet space aliens in Wyoming, we have those instructions right here.

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