I'll come right out and say - I don't get it.

Having grown up in the south and now living in Wyoming I see stuffed and mounted hunting trophies all the time.

Not once in my life did I have hear someone express anything negative about such trophies. But maybe that's just because I grew up in a place where hunting was common.

I was scrolling Facebook this morning and I saw a photo that was burred out with the following warning attached to it.

WARNING: This photo may show violent or graphic content.

attachment-Youtube screen grab deer head mount

I don't know about you but when I see this it means I'm probably going to click on it.

When I did all I was a deer head that was on a table, but ready for mounting on a wall.


Deer heads that have already been mountain are not flagged as sensitive. Yet if it has been stuff, and all is ready, but it has not been mounted IT IS SENSITIVE?

I would say that I'm having problems following the logic here, but there isn't any logic. here.

The following video is okay to post on Facebook. But you would be surprised as to what is not okay or is considered "sensitive."

In the meantime, there are plenty of photos of hunters with their fresh kill, out in the fields.

Hunters will bring the town a buck then grab its antlers and hold its head up to the camera and smile at their fresh kill.

I've seen pictures like that - NOT BLOCKED. But the stuffed head of the animal, on the table ready to be hung, is sensitive?

Facebook uses computer algorithms to pick what should be seen and what they deem to be "sensitive." Those algorithms obviously don't work very well.

Then again the people who write those programs usually lack good judgment too.

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