Too much snow?

Can't get to work?

Got livestock you can't get to?


Meet the Polaris Air Sled.

There are only a few left and collectors are restoring them.

Search E-bay and you'll find a few out there, or parts for them.

There is even a brochure on E-bay from when these things were brand new.


At first glance, I thought maybe somebody had taken the nose and cockpit of an airplane and transformed it into a snow machine.

There was a hood ornament of a plane on its nose.

But this is all original snow machine design.

It's built on the pusher concept of a swamp airboat.

A driver would have to get used to sliding around a bit, but the handling is not bad, really.

No need for traction with this thing.

But watch the bumps.

Let's see this thing in action.

The company builds them in Crosby Minnesota.

Only 35 were made before the end of production.

There are only 4 Polaris Air Sleds left in the world.

They were made for 2 or 4 passengers, depending on how much you wanted to spend.

I found one for sale at an asking price of just under $60,000.

The original model came with an air fin system on the back, which you can see in the video below.

1960 Trail-A-Sled Air Sled finished in Red and White paint. Paint is in good shape overall with some very minor stress marks by the glass, see still photos.


This all fiberglass-bodied machine features a gas heater in the cab with red and white vinyl bench seating! Additional wheels will come with this to be installed on the rear axle for towing.


The Trail-A-Sled company was founded in 1959 in Crosby/Ironton, Minnesota.

attachment-trail sled snow


There was only 35 built in total from 1960 to 1963, 25 of them were built for Polaris to sell. Of the 35 total, only 15 were four passenger units like the one we have here!


Powered by the 125 hp Lycoming 0-290-G engine, similar to an aircraft engine but in the sleds it's a land use only engine. Capable of hitting 100mph!


Previous owner did add some custom touches such as the aluminum skis and torsion axle that gives the plane some suspension.


Hood ornament is still intact up front as well. (Unique Classic Car Sales).

attachment-polaris air sled unique classic car sales

I'd like to take this out on one of Wyoming's frozen lakes in the middle of winter.

That's a full day of nothing but fun.

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