Wyoming can sequester all the carbon in wants.

Those who want to put an end to coal don't care.

The Biden administration is set to back a plan that would end the coal industry at the upcoming United Nations (UN) climate summit, (Reuters).

The U.S. will reportedly support a French plan to get the countries of the world to ban private financing of coal-fired power plants during the upcoming UN conference, known as COP28. (Reuters)

The proposal is for the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to set coal standards for private financing.

This would allow regulators, rating agencies, and non-governmental organizations to track coal financing, according to Reuters.

This prompted Wyoming's Senator Barrasso to react, saying:

At Climate Conference Biden ‘Pledged Allegiance To The Flag Of The United Nations’ Not The United States

The U.S., the European Union (EU), and Canada had been working together to assemble a strategy for phasing out coal

But the use of coal is actually up worldwide, not down.

Approximately 73% of the electricity consumed in India is generated using coal and India plans to increase coal production by another 60% in just a few years.

China has approved the building of an average of two new coal plants each week in 2022.

“France has no coal, so their position banning it is easy. The U.S., on the other hand, has the largest coal reserves— by far— in the world,” Dan Kish, a senior research fellow for the institute for Energy Research, told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“Coal is the leading source of electricity in the world.

All this does is make the rest of the world that is trying to get affordable electricity for their people align themselves with China and against the U.S. Uncle Sam is once again made to look like a Dunce under Joe Biden.”

India plans to push back against any proposal to set a deadline for organic fuel phase-out.

Indian delegates may reportedly push representatives of developed countries like the U.S. and France to become carbon negative, rather than merely carbon neutral, by 2050 to keep targets within grasp. (Reuters).

Wyoming's governor Mark Gordon has announced his desire for his home state to become carbon-negative. There was pushback from his own political party on that point.

This creates an interesting international battle.

The world is using more coal, but some still want to shut it all down.

A 175-car coal train moves from the Decker coal mine in Montana. William Campbell, Sygma via Getty Images
A 175-car coal train moves from the Decker coal mine in Montana. William Campbell, Sygma via Getty Images

First, the bad news: Wyoming has lost more jobs in the mining and energy industry in the past few months, according to reports.

Now the good news: A coal power plant in North Dakota will stay online after requests were received from Canada and surrounding states. Reliable power is needed and wind and solar have simply not been providing it. According to the Wall Street Journal, it's not just around the globe but here in America where the economy is making a slow comeback after the government shut it down. More reliable power is needed. A lot more.

Want some more good news? Coal use is surging in some of the world’s largest economies as electricity demands rebound. As demand for electricity increases countries are finding wind and solar energy are unreliable.

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