It's not so unusual to see animals of different species become friends when they are our pets at home.

Your cat and your dog, for example, become friends because they are both part of the same family (or pack in the dogs case and pride in the cats case).

Yet we don't often see animals of different species becoming friends in the wild, especially when they are rivals. 

So, how did this young female Grey Wolf and male Brown Bear forge a friendship in wild? These images in the video below were captured by Finnish Photographer.

Below that, I have other examples for you of unusual friendships in the wild.

Usually dogs chase deer. So, how did these two become friends? Does the dog see the deer as another stranger-looking dog? Watch how they play together:

Maybe canine species are just good at making friends. A dog and a duck? Well sure why not. They seem to have formed a close bond.

Perhaps when caged up one must make friends where there are friends to be made. Maybe that is how this bear became friends with these lions.

A house cat and a sloth? Okay, this is getting weird. I have no idea what these two have in common, other than they both like to nap a lot. WAIT - yeah - that has to be it.

Cat and rhino are friends? How did these two even meet?

This is the story about a man who used to bring his pet owl into the woods so it could enjoy some outside times. He got nervous when, one day, a cat showed up. But things did not go as badly as he thought.

I guess this shows us that we can all get along.

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