This video compilation will have you cringing in your seat.

The following is a complete list of narrow misses and near death accidents. I must admit, I made audible sighs of relief and other weird sounds of amazement while watching these videos. Some were avoidable, but others definitely appeared to be divine intervention.

The video was originally posted by viral video Twitter sharing account, LADbible. It has already been viewed over 132,000 times and shared over multiple different social media platforms.

One of the happier ending videos takes place in the U.S. near the 3:35 second mark. It shows a near miss car accident where a gentlemen pulls over after just missing a red compact car. The red vehicle's female driver then pulls over as well and apologizes for the narrowing miss. You can see the emotion on her face, although you can't make out the words. What makes it such an awesome moment is when her and the male driver embrace to show that there is no malice.

We sure do love a happy ending.

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