While the subzero temperatures coming through southeast Wyoming may have you somewhat distracted this week, at least for now, maybe this incredible video of some Wyoming clouds will remind you of some days to look forward to when just looking up can be pretty majestic in the Cowboy State.

In times of the year that aren't February, or basically any time during the winter for that matter, there's a lot of times when we can just look around in Wyoming and see something that maybe we take for granted, such as the scenery. Of course, we know that things on the ground level can be pretty scenic almost anywhere in the state, but what happens when you just look up.

If you've ever seen the disaster film, 'Independence Day', where aliens bring their ships to our planet to destroy human life, there's the scene where the ships first appear in the sky, which brings a unique view of the clouds.

It looks similar to how it would when you notice a new weather front coming through. That brings us to the limits of my knowledge of meteorology. But basically a wall of clouds is scene in the film coming in, and that's pretty much what this video shows. It a cloud that looks like a huge wall and other worldly for that matter. Here it is...

There's a certain beauty in that which happened to come from Wyoming based on the user's post. Not only did it look incredible, but it seemed like the type of thing you see in a movie like 'Independence Day' when you see a spaceship emerge in one of the early memorable scenes of the film.

Either way, it's one more incredible thing to look at in Wyoming. Sometimes, regardless of where you are in the state, even if the things around you aren't spectacular to you, just know that it's those time when all you have to do is look up.

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