As of the writing of this article, we are now 12 days into the year.

By now most people who have made New Year's resolutions have given up.

Gyms that were full last week now see fewer people who could only keep up on their promise for a week or less.

Welcome to the newest national holiday:


Yeah, that's really a thing.

The day is so named as people gradually fall out of attempts to adopt new routines barely more than a week into the calendar year.

The guy in the video below will explain it. Though, not very well.

Research has found that approximately 80% of people who made New Year’s resolutions have tapped out by the second week of January.

That's why this "HOLIDAY" falls on the second week of January.

People give up on resolutions involving exercise, eating habits, and weight loss.

Nobody has admitted yet that they have given up.

But they have.

Studies show that two-thirds of people will abandon their New Year’s resolutions by this date.

There is a lot to be said about why people give up so easily.

ullstein bild via Getty Images
ullstein bild via Getty Images

It's hard to break old habits.

Not having a realistic plan.

Goals bigger than reality.

Some people are simply all talk.

Some people are just &$#@ LAZY!

Call it what you will, but here we are again.

So if you're celebrating this holiday with all the other QUITTERS, don't feel bad.

Well, okay, you should feel a little bad- LOSER!

But at least you have lots of company, since 2/3rds of the people out there gave up by the same time you did.

So, you're off the hook.


Just like you did the day before you started that diet.

Young woman having a late night snack, she is taking a sandwich fron the fridge and eating it, diet fail concept
demaerre, ThinkStock Images

For those who did not give up, it's safe to go back to the gym. Because it's empty again.

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