From the website Evidence Based Wyoming: "Two days into the legislative session and already the same old voting pattern is emerging."

The website tracks how members of the Wyoming House & Senate vote and compare how often Republicans vote with Democrats. The idea is to expose members who have the letter R by their name but should really have a D.

"first two days of the 2020 Budget Session and already 11 Republican vote like their Democrat counterparts."

To be fair, there are many budget issues that both parties will vote to pass that are strictly spending, and non partisan. But when it comes to items that should be more "liberal" or "conservative" are there party members who are in the wrong party? Do they really think they are conservative or did they just put an R by their name to get elected in a conservative state?

"Moderate Republicans and the conservative Republican base will face a challenge fighting off the onslaught of new taxes and other schemes this budget session."

Tracking these voting numbers through the legislative session will be interesting. We will have a much better idea when all the voting is done and the final numbers are in.

-- Glenn Woods

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