A lot of Christmas art shows a New England home nestled in the trees, covered in snow.

In Florida, for some strange reason, people paint fake snow around their windows and put blowup snowmen in their yards. They sing songs about a "White Christmas." It's just WEIRD!

Here out West, the Christmas songs sound a bit different. Most of them are prairie songs about a sleepy Christmas morning.

Thankfully we have artists out West painting what a ranch Christmas looks like, with a ranch house in the prairie, covered in snow, and mountains in the distance.

Thankfully there are Wyoming Christmas songs to go with it.

This first song begins with the line "Out on the Prairie." Although the album cover still shows a New England-looking Christmas scene.

Provided to YouTube by CDBaby Wyoming Christmas Time by The Saggy Bottom Boys.

The song even mentions the wind. That's an important part of the imagery.

In this next song, Danny White titled this song Wyoming Christmas after a quick rewrite of Steve Goodman's "Colorado Christmas"

The song is about being in California but wishing he was back in Wyoming for Christmas. He longs to see the Tetons covered in snow and hear the wind.

From Wyoming PBS comes  A Buffalo Bill Christmas - Our Wyoming

Recorded in front of a live audience it is real old-school western singing. The kind you might have heard in a tavern way back then.

This last song has nothing to do with Wyoming. It's just a funny Christmas song.

It's a song about his stopping by their house family house Santa and his reindeer got LICE! Well, that's just gross. But probably a true story at the same time.

In Loving Memory - A Car Load Of Christmas Toys

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

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