In the video below you'll hear a man sing a song that he feels guilty about singing without his friend accompanying him.

The Youtube page Western AF presents music and songs from regional artists.

In this video, Benjamin Tod sings his song "Wyoming."

I wrote this song over a decade ago with all the nihilism and despair that came with my youth. It was recorded on an older Lost Dog EP with my late friend Nicholas Ridout accompanying me.

It made it back onto ‘Songs I Swore I’d Never Sing’ being the realest example of the title. This song has been requested more than any other at shows or around the fire, but it never feels right to play without Nicholas.


I thought the only appropriate placement for its return would be an album like this. It’s cyclical I suppose, given that this song probably inspired the concept of this album. The subconscious is a dark and mysterious place. I really couldn’t tell you either way.

Benjamin Tod

The song has a story and a haunted feel to is as a man sings about the problems of his life and what he wishes for when he is dead and gone.

Yet in his life is a love for someone and for a place named Wyoming, which is why he wants his ashes scattered on a prairie breeze

attachment-Western AF presents Benjamin Tod Wyoming

Just a fun note: the video starts with some close-up shots of some bison. Just to be sure nobody misunderstands and thinks it's okay to do such a thing Western AF leaves a disclaimer under the video on their Youtube page.

Be smart, don't approach bison. These bison are domesticated.

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