Lets face it, Thursday was a mess for much of Wyoming. It's not that a lot of snow fell, but the layer of ice under that fine layer of snow made for "slick as snot" conditions.

I-80 was close across most of Wyoming for all of Thursday.

A day later. Lets see how we are doing.

I-80 is now open. Most of the Red Desert area is clear and easy driving. But there are long stretches of road with black  ice and brine, so driving a big slower than usual is recommended. 

I-25 has icy conditions between Cheyenne and Chugwater. It's easy going between Chugwater and Douglas. Between Douglas and Casper expect some black ice and brine.

Douglas to Wright, black ice.

Any road heading to muddy gap, expect black ice and brine.

Here is the current report, from WYDOT on what roads are closed and where you need to use caution.

A more interactive map to look at combines WYDOT and GOOGLE MAP's. Though this map does not include some Wyoming back highways.

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