There are many legitimate excuses used by deliverymen for not being able to drop a package at the house.

Dogs are a big one. I'll even take "attack cat" - don't doubt that one. There are videos. You can watch one at this link.

So when a Montana UPS driver left the note that you can see below in the mailbox, explaining why he could not make it to the front door with the package, I'll have to give him a pass.

"Bear in driveway".

It is simply not worth finding out if the bear is more afraid of the driver than the driver is of the bear.

I wonder, when the driver came back the next day with the package, was he worried the entire time that the bear might be around the corner of the house?

What did the family think when they came home and saw the note?

UPS Bear In Driveway Note
UPS Bear In Driveway Note
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