There's a new video that might make you feel just a little bit lonely. It's an exploration of what's left of the ghost town of Gebo, Wyoming.

This was just shared by Red Dirt in My Soul on YouTube.

The Wikipedia page for Gebo states that the town was established back in 1907 by Samuel Wilford Gebo. In its heyday, there were over 20,000 people that lived there. What happened to Gebo? Only In Your State provided some backstory on Gebo, too. According to them, residents deserted the town after the mining industry closed up shop.

Many sites including Wikipedia have mentioned that most of the buildings in Gebo were bulldozed in 1971, but as this video shows, a few still remain including the old graveyard.

If you don't mind venturing off of the beaten path, Gebo is just over a couple hours from Casper north of Thermopolis. Take a left at Kirby off of highway 20 and that will lead you to Gebo.

There is definitely a sense of loneliness exploring areas like Gebo, but it's also a necessary way to not let this important part of Wyoming history disappear from memory.

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