Had any FaceTime dinner dates recently?

Things sure look different in 2020, don't they? Many of us are working from home or doing remote learning. Date night has also changed. My husband and I used to love hitting up a bar for happy hour before grabbing some grub. Now we find ourselves curled up on the couch with food balanced in our laps while watching The Office. Aw, love.

For those who are single and trying to virtually mingle, it's a little more complicated.

Dating apps have been a thing since long before the pandemic, but matching with someone and sending some texts back and forth only goes so far. I feel that you need to have an actual conversation with someone to really get to know them. You pick up on body language, you can laugh together (which bonds you) and there are no misconstrued messages to read.

That's why in 2020, virtual dating has risen 36 percent according to a recent poll.

People have turned to Zoom or FaceTime to have a coffee or dinner date with a real, verbal conversation. It's a heck of a lot better than the old days when your crush would call the house and God forbid your brother answered the phone first. People are getting to know each other in a whole new way and I'm here for it. I mean, anyone who has been in a long distance relationship knows that you can cook together, pour some wine, light some candles and have a romantic, albeit virtual, date.

Have you been virtually dating during this year?

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