A bill that would aim to crack down on any possibility of voter fraud in Wyoming has been filed for the 2021 session of the Wyoming Legislature.

You can read House Bill 75 here.

The bill is sponsored by Rep. Chuck Gray [R-Natrona County], and a long list of co-sponsors.

They include Reps.  Andrew, Baker, Barlow, Bear, Blackburn, Brown, Burt, Crago, Duncan, Eklund, Eyre, Fortner, Greear, Hallinan, Haroldson, Harshman, Heiner, Hunt, Jennings, Knapp, Laursen, MacGuire, Neiman, Newsome, O'Hearn, Olsen, Ottman, Paxton, Rodriguez-Williams, Romero-Martinez, Simpson, Sommers, Stith, Styvar, Washut, Western, Wharff, Wilson, Winter and Zwonitzer and Senator(s) Biteman, Boner, Bouchard, Dockstader, Driskill, Ellis, French, Hicks, Hutchings, Kinskey, Kost, Nethercott, Schuler, Steinmetz and Wasserburger.

The bill would, among other things, mandate that "acceptable identification" be presented by anyone voting in person.

The ID could be a Wyoming driver's license, a tribal ID card, a Wyoming ID card, a U.S. passport, a U.S. military card, or a valid medicare insurance card.

Laramie County Clerk Debra Lee told Townsquare Media of Cheyenne on Monday that the Wyoming County Clerks Association has held a teleconference with Rep. Gray about the bill. But she said so far the organization has not taken a position either for or against the proposal.

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