This is a question that will never be settled.

Was the movie Blazing Saddles supposed to take place in a Wyoming town?

In the Mel Brooks movie Blazing Saddles, the poor little town in the bullseye was named Rock Ridge.

Wyoming has the town of Rock River. Just like Rock Ridge, the old train tracks run right by Rock River.

The story takes place in 1874 on the American frontier with a territorial attorney general.

Wyoming did not become a state until 1890 so it fits right into the time period.

The landscape around Rock River Wyoming resembles the one seen in Blazing Saddles.

However, the movie was not filmed anywhere near Wyoming.

There were settlers, wagon trains, and Indian attacks in that area during that time.

Though I'm sure none of the Indians spoke with a Yiddish accent.

East of Rock Ridge, the story's hero introduces the white townspeople to the black, Chinese, and Irish railroad workers who have all agreed to help them in exchange for acceptance by the community and explains his plan to defeat Lamarr's army.

If we turn back the clock we can see that this aligns with the Wyoming territory at this time.

I'm sure Mel Brooks never heard of the town of Rock River Wyoming.

But there are so many similarities, one has to wonder.

Blazing Saddles was shocking due to the racial slurs and references.

But there was an important lesson Mel Brooks was teaching.

Only people who were ignorant, stupid, or evil were racist and used racial slurs.

Good people did not.

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