Mike Rowe is best known for his hit TV show, Dirty Jobs and How America Works, and many other programs that feature the American work ethic

He has something new that will first arrive in movie theaters before it makes it to television.

It's a movie that will make people from states like Wyoming cheer and, perhaps, Mike Rowe hopes, will educate those who have been sold an alternate side of the American story.

As promised, here's a trailer for the movie I've been threatening to make.

It's called "Something to Stand For," and looks like we'll be in theaters June 27th, through Independence Day.

I'm told the tickets will go quickly, so I wanted to make sure you guys could sign up early on.

See you on the big screen!

Watch the trailer, below.

Join America’s favorite storyteller on an epic journey to the heart of Washington DC. Drawing from his blockbuster podcast “The Way I Heard It,” this cinematic tour de force will take viewers to the frontlines of the American Revolution, World War II, the Civil Rights movement, and more.

So, will it come to Wyoming theaters?

It would only make sense that it does since he has such a large and faithful audience in states like Wyoming.

But nothing has been announced as of yet so we might have to ask our local theaters to play it.

At some point, this project by Mike will make it to television, as so many of his many other programs have.

Mike recently made a trip to Casper, Wyoming where he called into Wake Up Wyoming before appearing before a large audience at the Ford Wyoming Center.

Listen below to Mike and Glenn Woods discuss The Mike Rowe Foundation and his visit to Wyoming

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