What does a bear have to do to get good service these days? That seems to be what a mama bear and cubs were wondering as they took over a picnic table and appeared to be waiting on a waitress.

This black bear family made themselves right at home.

I realize that I may be giving my age away a little bit here, but this fun video reminded me of one of my favorite Flintstones episodes. It was the one where Yogi Bear stole Fred's picnic basket.

Good times. Good times. One other observation is that none of the bears were wearing masks. Don't they know this is required for dine-in these days?

As much as I laugh at the thought of someone actually attempting to serve food to this bear family, that would be a very bad idea as bear sows can have a very bad attitude toward humans when there are cubs around like this bear mom does. I shouldn't have to mention this, but we do have tourists in Wyoming that obviously don't understand this.

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