Wyoming is home to both black bears and grizzly bears and when you have bears, seeing bear activity is fairly common.

Yellowstone has been the scene of many Wyoming bear attack videos and some of those videos have made it onto the Top 14 Most Amazing Bear attacks caught on video.

In Wyoming, the known Grizzly Bear population is somewhere around one thousand and as far as Black Bear are concerned, there isn't really an estimation. Wildlife Informer put out a list of black bear population in each state and Alaska there are about 100,000, Idaho has somewhere between 20,000 and 30, 000, Montana has about 15,000, Colorado is home to up to 12,000 and for Wyoming the list says "unknown/robust population".

When I was watching this video from Vlambose, an Animal video YouTube channel, I noticed a couple familiar looking videos and a couple I'd never seen before.

The bear videos found on this Top 14 are pretty impressive. Bears attacking, bears defending themselves and bears taking advantage of a situation to get a meal are all inside this one video.

You may remember the Bear/Bison video from Yellowstone

Bear Bison
Vlambose via YouTube

Another Yellowstone moment in the Top 14 is the lone Grizzly keeping a wolf pack away from his dinner

Bear wolf pack
Vlambose via YouTube

Or maybe you've seen the video from Alaska where a group of Grizzlies were waiting on salmon to swim up stream. There are at least 14 Grizzly bears taking part in their fishing adventure.

Bear salmon
Vlambose via YouTube

Other noteworthy videos in the Top 14 are a black bear and puma, black bear and tiger and polar bear and walrus. Take a few minutes and check out these videos.

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