It's always fascinating to me how a change in perspective can result in a whole new appreciation for something you see daily.

When I came across this video of a plane flying from Douglas to Glendo (with some flight time over Esterbrook) I was impressed with the beauty of the area when seen from above.

Did you see anything you recognized?

I saw the old drag racing track on the south edge of Douglas.

The river is the North Platte and you can see Glendo reservoir in all its frosty Winter beauty.

Medicine Bow Forest was definitely calling to me, with its thick forests of pine trees and jagged hills.

You can even see some of the cabins in Esterbrook and of course the rolling hills, valleys, rock formations, and vast open plains we love in Central Wyoming.

Isn't it cool to take a look at your local area from this kind of height?

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Esterbrook, Wyoming Fall 2020

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