RULE 1: Don't feed the bears.

But when do people ever follow the rules?

The bears know this, and they seem to have figured out how to keep the humans entertained enough so they will keep tossing food at them.

You'll see, in the videos below, that if a slice of bread is tossed expertly enough the bear can catch it in his mouth like a frisbee.

This same bear, who's gotten rather fat from all this, knows just where to sit and that the humans like him to wave before they throw the bread.

In this next video watch him catch the bread with this paw.

Then we have a slice tossed poorly. I'll give the bear a break on missing that one.

But the next toss is dead on and the bear has his mouth open and ready for it.

Does anyone ever think to put some peanut butter on that bread before they toss it? That might be nice.

SIDE NOTE: Look at the fence keeping that big bear in. Does that look like it's anywhere near enough to stop that big fella? I can see that the fence is electrified, but please, that won't stop him.

Now let's see a compellation video.

These are the best of the bread tosses and catches.

I'm not so sure if the humans have trained the bears or the bears have trained the humans. Either way, both seem to be having a great time.

JUST REMEMBER! These bears are at a zoo and the people are in their cars. Do not ever do this in the wild. 

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