Casper's Logan Wilson is not afraid of the big stage. He's proved that after he became a Cincinnati Bengal and also as a potential groom as he used War Memorial Stadium as the backdrop for a dramatic proposal to his girlfriend.

By far the best response which also got a big reaction from Logan came from Ben Wisdorf:

And with the first pick of the 2021 Wilson draft. Logan selects... Morgan Mead from the University of Wyoming

Considering the fact that Logan spent many years as a part of the UW Cowboy defense, you have to figure that the 50 yard line at War Memorial is the territory he knows best.

I would argue that his successful proposal at War Memorial is Logan's biggest victory yet. That's saying something as the Cincinnati Bengal website lists Logan as having a great first season with 23 tackles, a sack and 2 interceptions.

Seriously congrats to Logan Wilson and his now fiancé Morgan Mead. We wish them continued happiness and success in their lives together.

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