Trent Palmer is best known for making Youtube videos about backcountry flying. He has a small plane with big wheels and he likes to land in impossible places.

But this time he is not flying, but camping in Wyoming for a week with his friends.

Early on in the video, one of Trent's friends "pops the question" while his girlfriend is fishing. It's quite a sweet and emotional moment that will choke most people up and it was all caught on drone video.

After that, is all boating and fishing with some of the best views of Western Wyoming you'll ever see.

Here is the video:

Trent Palmer is not just known as a flyer but as an expert drone photographer. The places he chose to feature in this video are off-the-charts beautiful.

I'd suggest just sitting back and enjoying the view along with the music he provides.

Then, if you're into fishing, you'll enjoy watching them travel to some hard to get to Wyoming fishing holes and see what luck they have.

Their dog seems to love fishing too.

attachment-Trent Palmer fishing youtube

To see some of Trent's amazing flying videos I'd suggest you start with the one below where he leaves Watertown South Dakota lands in Wyoming on a windy day.

Trent's video page is all about flying, fishing and camping in states out west.

He's gotten so good at it, he now makes a living doing what he loves. That's mostly because he makes it look so good with the way he shoots and edits his videos.

Watching his videos you'll see more of the outback of our Western states than you ever imagined.

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