Let's start this story with a proper, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?"

But I say that in the most enthusiastic and exciting way.

The first time I saw a demolition derby was in Gillette, Wyoming, and they were using cars. Just like you would expect.

But a demolition derby using COMBINES?


Why isn't this a national sport on the level of baseball and football?

These are old combines in states like Nebraska and Kansas and Iowa.

They were heading to the scrap yard to be stripped for parts and the rest recycled.

But before they go, let's have some fun.

WHOAH HOLD ON. Looks like the guy in this next photo is rolling over.

If you look, these guys don't have much protection.

attachment-combine derby 2 Youtube

It's a lot of fun to see how they decorated their combines for destruction. Watch any of these videos and you'll find fun paint jobs and weird and wild wording written on the sides.

People in the big cities make fun of country folk.

But people in the big cities don't know how to have fun like this.

You really need to see this next video.

It's from the driver's point of view.

It might look like they are not going very vast but these machines are powerful and will do a lot of damage.

These guys used to work in the hot sun on these machines.

Makes you wonder if they can't wait to wreck them or are, in some way, sorry to see them go.

Probably a little of both.

Not only did I not know that combine derbies were a thing, I had no idea that Youtube would be filled with so many videos of these events.

You could literally sit for hours watching one video after the next.

So now we have to ask, who's idea was this? I just want to know because I want to shake his hand.

If I find a combine derby in our area I'll let you know.

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