Have you ever thought about being a driver in the Wyoming State Fair demo derby? If you'd like to know what that's like, you can see through a driver's eyes thanks to two new videos.

Justin Beaver just dropped a couple videos from his experience in the Wyoming State Fair demo derby last weekend.

Justin mentioned in the comments that he lost his flag after someone pounded his driver side door. He also shared video from the consolation match that night. It went well until his transmission gave up the ghost.

I have to confess that Justin's videos inspired me to go on a bit of an internet rabbit trail. I found some pretty swell demolition derby pro tips from LJ World. They said that these are not junker cars and frequently are much more powerful than your car. I also didn't realize that you can't just throw any part on a demo derby car. Modifications are checked before the competition begins normally. Driver-side door impacts are also frowned up by some. Does it make me a bad person that I thought this might be a valid strategy? Yes, it does.

Thanks to Justin for the video share. I doubt I'm gonna have an extra vehicle that I'm willing to have trashed any time soon. Thanks to his videos, I can vicariously live through his Wyoming State Fair experience.

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