We have got to give a lot of credit to the man you will see in the video below.

He found two bucks who had locked their horns in battle and got stuck.

The two animals had been tangled like this for quite a while.

This situation would have caused the horrible death of both animals were it not for a kind-hearted man, and his chain saw.

I'll warn you upfront, some of this video is hard to watch.

When he approaches the deer are not only worked up about the situation they are in, but they get even more excited as the human approaches.

attachment-Deer Rescue 1

At this point, our hero has to figure out how to stop the animals and untangle the mess they are in.

He chooses to tie them up to a tree and use a chainsaw to cut their horns.

If you thought the deer were FREAKED OUT before imagining what they are going through when that human approaches with his ROARING chainsaw.

There is no way to explain to them that he is just trying to help.

Once he manages to restrain them he approaches with his saw and tries to make short work of cutting their tangled horns.

attachment-Deer Rescue 4

I'd like to think that at some point the deer realized that he is only trying to help.

I'd like to think that they took a moment to thank the human before they wandered off into the woods.


They just bolted off without even a THANKS BUD!

Well, that's deer for you.

We marvel at their beauty and grace but we also know that they are not much for manners.

I'd like to take a moment to thank this man for his hard work and big heart.

The world needs more people like this guy.

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