Watch the video above and have a good look, then you tell us what the story is.

Caught on video is a deer walking around with the head of a decapitated rival stuck on his antlers. Well, I assume it's a rival.

The image that comes to mind for me: while fighting this poor guy lost his head. I mean, it popped right off. I picture their antlers getting tangled, they struggle to get free of each other and- pop.

There are other possibilities. I have seen the remains of deer out in a field after being butchered by a hunter. The hunter leaves the head behind. So, let's imagine our unfortunate friend poking at the head and getting his antlers caught- and now he's stuck with it.

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A third possibility is that one of the two died during the fight and, after days of tugging, rather than getting his antlers free his freed his foe of his head.

Either way I feel sorry for both of them. 

One lost his life. The other is stuck walking around for the next few months - until his antlers shed - with what is left of the eyes of this dead deer head staring at him, close. I mean like real close.

You know that head is going to start to stink after a while.

Imagine the nightmares that's going to cause.

The other bucks will make fun of him behind his back. But they won't talk to him while he's stuck like this.

Lets face it - he's not mating this year. None of the ladies want anything to do with that. It's just embarrassing.

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