Maybe. Or maybe he's just that good.

Probably a lot of both.

This video includes some impressive action-packed moments and how agencies are going all out to stop it in its tracks.

At one point you'll see a huge jet, the kind you usually fly in when taking a cross-country trip, pulling up hard after a low and slow pass over the fire.

Just how low did he get?

Just how do these guys train to fly big heavy planes like this?

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The pilot seems to know what he's doing and has nerves of steal, as he just makes it over the hills in front of him.

This is not your average airline pilot. Not even close.

This takes some Top Gun Maverick stuff. But with a much bigger plane.

This is a hotshot who knows how to fly a jet like this in a way that most pilots have never dreamed of and would not try no matter how much you paid them.

But then again these pilots DREAM of flying like this.

Somehow, they don't need a sick bag to puke in while doing it.

See that nail-biting moment in the video below.

From their Youtube page Live Storms Media writes:

Part of the Black Hills National Forest caught fire Sunday, and exploded in size on Monday thanks to hot dry weather. The Fish Fire, just several miles south of Sundance, Wyoming was fueled by high winds, high temperatures, and low humidity. The fire exhibited wild behavior, causing entire stands of trees to torch and sending explosive plumes of smoke into the air. The resulting pyrocumulus cloud could be seen from Interstate 90. The area has been plagued by a drought this season, creating for dry fuel conditions in the forest. Air attack resources were called in from neighboring states to help get a handle on the fire, which currently stands at 0% containment as of Monday evening.

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Wyoming's Black Hills got a lot of rain this past spring. It was a true drought breaker.

But it doesn't take long for things to dry out again and this summer has been a dry one for the same area.

The Youtube page Live Storms Media has been covering the fire and has just posted a video of how the fire has progressed over time, including how it is being fought.

Folks who live in that area are posting photos and videos on social media of the fire that is just up the road from them and filling their area with smoke.

This is just one of the fires that are causing smoky skies in our region. You can use this link to track fires and smoke across your state and the nation.

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