It's almost automatic that if you have a log cabin in Wyoming, I will love it. If you have one where you can watch elk, deer and bear from the deck, you had me at hello.

I found this beautiful 2-bedroom log cabin in Dubois on Zillow. Just check out the amazing views.

The exact address listed on Zillow is 1 Spring Creek Trail in Dubois. If you look at a Google Map satellite view of the address, it appears to be directly south of the airport as the crow flies.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

As you can see from the pics and map, this borders public land and the national forest. I can't imagine being able to dine on the deck and look out at bears, wolves, elk and other wildlife doing what they do in our great state.

The asking price last time I checked the listing was $440,000. I'm no real estate expert, but that feels like a bargain when you get a log cabin and this part of Wyoming to gawk at every day.

If you even have a small little dream of someday owning a Wyoming log cabin, would definitely be worth checking out the full listing to see if this one might be a fit.

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