Here comes those Christmas gifts, arriving on the front porch.

And just like in that old classic movie, here comes THE GRINCH! Stealing Christmas presents again.

It's hard to catch porch pirates, even with modern cameras.

So what can we do?


Here are a few fun ways to deal with your neighborhood GRINCH!

1) Don't throw out your trash. Wrap it up like you just got an AMAZON delivery and put it out on your porch. The smellier the trash the better.

2) Why use trash when you can use DOG POOP or CAT LITTER?

3) Make a GLITTER BOMB. Follow this link to find out how.

4) You can add stink fart spray to that package when they open it.

5) Mobile trackers are available for sale online. Get one and set the bait, then send the police after them.

Yes, there are legit ways to deal with porch pirates, but what's the fun in that?

Besides, it's just about impossible for the police to catch them.

Below is a video of someone who made a STINK BOMB.

No need to get fancy.

Just make sure they know that you know they are around and do something that makes their lives miserable.

The next video is of a BOOM BOX.

By that, I mean B O O M!

Nothing that would hurt the porch pirate but enough to scare the guy and, maybe, he'll think twice about it happening again.

If you do adopt any of these ideas make sure you don't do anything that will actually get somebody hurt.

That would be bad for you.

Christmas Toys That Will Make Your Neighbors Nervous

Christmas Toys That Will Make Your Neighbors Nervous

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