Folks have been having a lot of fun with creative COVID masks. In the video below you will see this his guy decides to take it to a whole new level. He paints a mask on his face, just to see who notices.

This is a great experiment in two things.

1) Who's paying attention?

2) Who cares?

After the mask is painted on he goes to very public places, like a grocery store, to see if anyone notices. Most people don't. A few are curious. One or two think it's funny.

He finally ends up at a shopping mall where he is spotted by a couple of police officers. Their reaction is different than what he expected. But at least we see that the cops are good people and not jerks about it.

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It is not surprising that most people are not paying attention. The vast majority of humans are minding their own business, or lost in thoughts in their own heads, leaving the most unusual things to pass them by.

For those who happen to notice, or those who happen are just generally more observant, it really is interesting to see the various reactions, from amused to disgusted.

So, if you saw a guy walking by you in a store and he had a fake, painted on mask... what would your reaction be? Would you even noticed? I'm the kind of guy who would congratulate him on his fine sense of humor.

Not everyone would react like me. There are those, who I consider humorless busy bodies, who would demand that he be dealt with.

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