In Wyoming hunting is often a family tradition.

My husband takes all five of our kid's Antelope hunting every single year. When our oldest son shot his elk this year I don't know who was prouder, him or his dad.

In this video, this sweet little girl is absolutely heartbroken over the one that got away.

She is trying so hard to be brave but you can tell she is feeling utterly devastated about the deer running away before they could shoot it.

There were thousands of comments on this video, and it looks like almost everyone sympathizes with this cutie.

Kari Smith: This is absolutely the CUTEST video of all time! Oh my goodness soooo sweet.

Robert Griffin: There is always next time little one! Now you can practice with daddy and get the deer next year! So precious, breaks my heart!

Eric Humphrey: That is a lot cuter reaction than I have when I miss a deer. So dang precious.

I wish we had some kind of follow up to know if she ever got her deer, or if she has to wait until next season.

No matter what, she and her dad made some great memories together that day.

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