Picture a nice day, and you're laying out on your back patio in a lawn chair.

Its spring.

Hello Flowers.

Hello, green grass.

Hello... B E A R ! ! !

Actually, the bear was doing the same thing and he was just as startled as the homeowners.

Asheville North Carolina resident David Oppenheimer had turned his carport into a place to relax.

He heard his Ring doorbell camera chime on his phone.

He looked over...

Watch both bear and human react in the video below.

It definitely startled me, more because it was unexpected than because it was a bear, and it seems startled, too.

After the initial -- AHHHH -- Oppenheimer managed to regain his composure.

When it happened, we made eye contact, and I was thinking you're not supposed to make eye contact with a bear, but we were making eye contact, and I wasn't sure what to do next.I thought to move my eyes to look a little bit away, but I wanted to be prepared to scare the bear if it came at me.

They looked at each other for a moment.

Each seemed to wonder what the other would do next.

Then the bear grumbled something in bear language, which I cannot translate for you because it is naughty words.

The bear turned and ran off.

In most cases, animals like this are as afraid of you as you are of them.

What happens next is mostly up to how you, as the human in the scenario, react.

That's not to say that animals don't ever attack for other reasons, but this is usually how it works. out.

Mr. Oppenheimer did the right thing by staying calm.

Then, he went inside and changed his underpants. 

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