All bears know is that humans have a special room in their human caves in which they store food.

These days bears have learned to break into homes and sniff around for whatever strikes their fancy.

For this bear, it was a package of Oreo cookies.

MONROVIA, Calif. (KABC) -- A bear broke into a home in Monrovia Friday and managed to sneak out with what neighbors believe is the animal's favorite snack: Oreos.

The video was shot by an eyewitness.

Watch the bear break in then return a few minutes later with a bag of Oreo cookies dangling from its mouth.

In that same neighborhood, a bear broke into the same family's car, taking out groceries including, yes, Oreos. But that was a different bear.

So, what have we learned here?

We learned that bears like OREOS and will break into your house or car if they know you have some.

NO- they are not sharing.

Have any of these bears ever tried Oreos with a tall glass of milk?

Do they know about dunking cookies in milk?

Do they open the cookie and eat the icing from the center first?

The only thing we know for sure they have in common with humans is that they will scarf down an entire package of Oreos in minutes, after promising themselves that they would just have a couple.

We all know we are lying to ourselves when we say that.

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