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Drew has officially lived in Wyoming for a month and a half.

Anyone that has listened to the My Country Morning Show with Drew and Prairie Wife knows that he has 100% embraced everything he possibly can about this amazing state.

From golfing almost daily (he may have a problem) to traveling across the state to check out historical sights like Independence rock I feel pretty comfortable saying that Drew is an official Wyomingite.

He even has the bucking horse license plates on his truck to prove it.

Drew and I chatted one day about what makes a real Wyomingite, and we came up with a few things that we felt really summed up what it's like to live in this wildly beautiful place that we both now call home.

For example, wearing brown and gold and something with the Wyoming bucking horse at all times.

Knowing you have to drink WAY more water at this altitude is a well-known fact, and giving directions to tourists like the mountain man you are is a must.

Take a look at this video that shows exactly what #thatwyominglife is all about.

Did anyone else notice that Drew's chew was really jerky?

And in case you're wondering, yes I have recovered from the case of mistaken identity #notagrizzlybear.

Thanks for your concern...

Is there anything we missed in our video about Wyoming life?

Keep in mind we will have additional videos coming out each season...because we all know that Fall and Winter (and yes our two days of Spring) bring their own special flavor to #thatwyominglife.


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