We often think of far-off places as better than the place we currently live in. It's a common mistake. Some people move to a new place based on what they think it's really like to live there- another common mistake.

Before you decide to stay or move to someplace you dream about, you might want to answer a few questions.

There is an online quiz, linked below, that I actually found to be rather good at helping you decide if you really belong where you are thinking of living.

I bring this up because there are people born and raised in Wyoming that really should move to California or New York. Yet there are people that I know from California and New York that fled to Wyoming and, honestly, they really do fit in here.

NurPhoto via Getty Images
NurPhoto via Getty Images


Actually, I have met many people who have moved to Wyoming based on the romantic ideas this state brings to them. Then they live here for a while and end up hating everything they thought they would love about it.

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Use this link to find the quiz at the How Stuff Works website. 

They did a great job at asking just the right questions. Some are about lifestyle. A few of the questions are about the type of person you are and the type of people you like being around.

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Getty Images

The trick when answering these questions is to be really honest with yourself about yourself. Based on the answer you get you'll know if you should start looking for a place that might make you happier than where you are.

You might decide that you should live in Wyoming.

If you decide that moving is a good idea, you might want to explore living in wherever your thinking of for a short period of time before you make a final decision.

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