When I came across this video of a man using just his voice (and occasionally his hand) to create multiple animal calls ON DEMAND, I was immediately impressed.

After all, being able to do one or two calls well without the use of a Reed or actual call is impressive enough...forget about being able to do multiple ones like Josh Carney.

Watch him here having some fun taking requests at a local sports store.


Impressive right?!

As I watched this video I couldn't help but notice that Josh was in a wheelchair, and I decided to look into who he was.

It turns out that Josh is a man with many stories, and I found all of them to be equally fascinating.

At the age of 13, Josh and his father were out Turkey Hunting when Josh was accidentally shot by his father.

It was this tragic accident that resulted in Josh becoming a paraplegic.

He has stated that he holds no ill will towards his father, that he has forgiven him, and that it was just a terrible accident.

Josh used his faith in God's plan for him to keep moving forward in his life.

As Josh recovered from his accidents (and the more than dozen surgeries that followed) he learned that he had a fascinating ability to recreate animal calls, and as an avid hunter, he decided to put those skills to good use.

He can be found on multiple hunting shows using his tracked all-terrain wheelchair (you can see it in the video above) to enjoy all the same things any avid outdoorsman loves.

He's an advocate for not only the hunting community but for people with disabilities as well.

Josh is a public speaker, a reality TV actor and self-proclaimed "gym junkie."

In his Instagram bio, he says "Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it."

And it's clear to see that he truly is living this mantra.

Here is look at Josh doing some more of his natural voice calls.

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